Monday, August 3, 2009

Cavery's First Camp Trip

We took Cavery on his first camp trip this weekend with my parents at just 10 days old. He did great and loved sleeping during the van rides, at the campsite, and during the hikes in the sling. Melissa also is doing amazing. It was very difficult and uncomfortable for her to walk after the birth but we have gone on short walks and she has now worked her way up to hiking. We are having a great time with our little man and he is just a great bundle of joy and we look forward to many amazing adventures with him.

Sunset over our campsite on Monitor Pass.

Cavery swinging with Dad in the Hammock.

Diaper change on the trail.

Snack time!!!

Cavery Justin Jones

Cavery Justin Jones was born at home on July 21 at 2:01am. Melissa and I are extremely excited to welcome him into our lives. Melissa had an amazing birth. One that she vizualized for months. She was very relax and had a fast labor as a result (5 hours). She spent most of her labor in either the hot tube or the birthing tub that was provided by our Midwife and felt that the water help with the pain by mainly allow her to stay in certain position with the support of the water. I got to receive Cavery under the water and bring him up to Melissa's chest.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another Surprise Visit

Melissa and I were elated to hear that our long time friend Nick Schnetzer from Germany was in the states working on his MBA and was able to Fly out for the weekend. It had been almost five years since we last saw him on our trip to Germany and yet it was just like the good old days hanging out up at Lake Tahoe. Melissa's dad had surprised us with several nights stay at a cabin up at Lake Tahoe for a family get-together as a Christmas present and to have Nick there only made it more incredible. We spent the days on snowshoe adventures and the nights playing Cranium, Arcade Golf, and Shuffle board. Yet another incredible weekend!!! We are extremely grateful for having time with Nick and the time with Justin, Terri, Aaron, and Laura up a Tahoe and look forward to another amazing weekend.

Amazing views of Lake Tahoe

Wanted to share yet more amazing views of Lake Tahoe. Just cannot get enough of the majestic feeling Lake Tahoe brings to mind when you see it. We are sure happy to be living so close to such an incredible landscape.

Skiing with Beau & Johanne

Melissa and I were excited to hear that Beau and Johanne were coming our direction for a Medical Residency interview and had sometime to stop by and ski with us. Well the weather was not ideal on our day at Heavenly because of high winds that shut down several major lifts but we were still able to ski the steeps and bumps with some beautiful views of the Carson Valley and Lake Tahoe. Sure was great spending time with Beau and Johanne but also painful in that it reminded us of how much we miss our Colorado friends. Looking forward to future visits with Beau and Johanne both here and hopefully Colorado.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rock Climbing in Las Vegas

Well it is about time for us to start updating our blog. Life back in the states has proven to be moving faster than on our trip in South America. With house projects, work, and playing outdoors the end of the day comes fast. But excuses aside we want to continue sharing our journey of the fun things that are happening.

This weekend we visited Cindy and Jeremy in their new house right next to Red Rocks in Las Vegas. We had several full days of amazing rock climbing surround by incredible views of the Red Rocks Valley. We are excited to have a Rock Climbing Bed & Breakfast at the Newman House and look forward to Cindy and Jeremy coming up to the Skiing Bed & Breakfast at the Jones house here in Carson.

So "Cheers" to more awesome adventures with great friends!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Walk through of our "New Home"

4070 Spring Drive
Carson City,NV 89701

The Jones Bed & Breakfast